Jason's Blog

Week 01 Blog Entry

This week I began my journey into the world of Entrepreneurship. I am a strong believer in the importance of writing down lessons we learn. It is something I began doing especially on my mission. It seems like often times we have to learn the same lessons multiple times before they really stick, and this process is streamlined if we write those lessons down. Just as the description of what these entries are supposed to be explains, "A journal is like a mirror; it doesn’t lie. Looking at past decisions, as well as what I learned from them, and knowing that someday I’ll be evaluating today’s decisions the same way, has made me much more honest with myself. And that has made all the difference in my business and my life." Some of the specific lessons I learned from this week's readings are first and for most, it is important to live a life of intent, not just to make money. Second, and the one that struck me the most in regards to entrepreneurship, is to do something you love and not only worry about the money or what is hot right now. As I have thought about ideas in the past, I have always began the brainstorming process by thinking about what the best way to make a quick buck is, not something I necessarily love to do. The last thing that stuck out to me the most from this week's lesson is the importance of having integrity, and not, as President Hinckley stated, cheat myself.